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If you found this page, give yourself a huge pat on the back because your life can start changing as early as TODAY.  If you're looking to earn some extra money on the side with all the help you could possibly need, you're in the right place.  And if you're all about getting healthier and using products that are backed by real science, you're definitely in the right place.

We are in the process of building a massive team that will bring Genesis PURE to a Billion dollar company by 2022 and you have a chance right now to be a part of that massive growth.

The team leader of TGI has been in the network marketing industry for more than 30 years and his mentor, who is immediately upline, has earned hundreds of millions dollars.  We are committed to your success.

If you look at all the network marketing companies out there, TGI think Genesis PURE is where to be.  The products are amazing, the autoship is affordable and fair, and the requirements to make rank is minimal compared to other companies that require an unreasonable number of active builders and customers just to qualify for any decent amount of commissions.  That is not the case with Genesis PURE.

Check out some of their videos.

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Who We Are:

PURE Compensation Plan:

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What Countries Can Sign Up?

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Africa West (Ghana & Nigeria)
  • Australia
  • China (coming soon...)
  • Japan
  • Mexico (coming soon...)
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

Why YOU Should Partner With This TEAM?

Because this team is lead by industry professionals who will do everything possible to ensure your success.  The leaders of this team are 150% all in and nothing in our lives will distract us from the success of all TGI members.  TGI has the system and TGI can provide you the information you need to reach any dollar amount you’re after.  If you apply yourself and meet the team leaders halfway, the world is yours.

One thing is certain, no one in TGI is going to push other opportunities on you, so you will be able to count on us for years to come.  If that does happen, please let a top leader know.  The leaders of TGI have staked their flag and our goals are clear.

If you’re ready to work with people very committed to your success, you are in the right place.  If you've been unlucky in the past by teaming up with people who drag you from deal to deal and never help you make money, those days are over.  If you’re ready to stake your flag and seriously change your life, contact the person who invited you to PURE and get going.


I’ve gotten some questions as to WHY this opportunity is so great, so let me share some of those reasons.

There are a lot of companies out there and most have products that don't work, they are overpriced and/or their products are not backed by real science.  We have solid products that are 100% all natural and without any preservatives or added fillers.  Most companies don’t have the funds to grow exponentially. We have massive investors who are part of PURE.  Not all companies are International. We are International and growing leaps and bounds.  Not all companies have 6+ categories of products with a number of products in each category.  We have that. We don’t have the same 5-7 products that buyers get bored with.  Most companies require their members to spend more each month as they hit higher ranks.  We don’t do that.  Our minimum PV is 100 points at all levels.  Some companies require their members to have a ridiculous number of active personals and active customers to make rank.  We don’t have that issue.  We can go Diamond with as few as 3 active personals and earn $263,000.00 a year.  Most companies don’t have proven systems that can practically guarantee success when applied.  We don’t have that issue.  We have a system that is like painting by the numbers.  If you follow it you win.

NO OTHER COMPANY has a team like ours.  We are a team led by someone who has earned hundreds of millions of dollars.  There are too many hacks and bad actors out there who can’t seem to earn $100.00 a month, yet they promise you the world if you follow them.  Then 2 weeks later they leave you high and dry to join something new.  The leaders of TGI have staked their flag and we're not going anywhere.

The leaders of TGI don't take days off, so when it comes to getting help, there is always someone a phone call away.  TGI is going to build a mult-multi million dollar empire, so doesn’t it make sense to get in and position yourself before that happens?

Fact, you may never get an opportunity like this again in your lifetime.  This opportunity, at an amazing time, allows you to get placed very early under a leader who’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars and who took two companies from near collapse to billions of dollars in annual revenue.  How often in your lifetime can that happen?  Anyone who joins this team, does their part and follows are system will become millionaires in their first 1-5 years.

Secure a spot for $25.00.  It’s worth $25.00 just for what you’ll learn.

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Contact the person who invited you to PURE and get started.  You can get signed up for as little as $25.00 to secure your position in our teams binary.  The $25.00 is your fee to be in business and it's good for a year.  No obligation to buy products once you enroll.  Right now your position is the most important thing.  You DO NOT have to buy a package or any products at all to lock in a position.

See you at the top.  This team is building multi-million dollar business, so jump in and let the leaders of this team help you.  You can do anything if you commit to doing it.